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Dylan Cash Session
source: Columbia studios Nashville

Side one: 
One too many mornings 
Good Ol' Mountain dew 
I still miss someone 
Careless love 
Big River

Side two: 
That's all Right Mama
I walk the line 
You are my sunshine 
Ring of fire 
I guess things happen that way 
Blue Yodel # 4

Released a few weeks after its American counterpart 'Nashville Sunset', This LP was pressed from a very clean sounding tape source. It includes the track 'Blue Yodel # 4' not found on the former, but deletes 'T for Texas'  and 'Just  a closer walk with Thee'.
'Big River' and 'That's all Right Mama' have switched track order as well. Three years later, the two pieces would merge into a bizarre reissue entitled 'The Dylan Cash Session

Other versions of the Dylan Cash Session:
1977 USA version (gwa105)
Various later non gwa releases
Nashville Sunset (gwa 103)
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This 1975 Dutch LP came out shortly after the USA LP 'Nashville Sunset'. It has a deluxe black & white laminated cover with a photo of Dylan & Cash from the May 1969 Johnny Cash Show. The back cover has a write-up of Dylan in Nashville and the session itself. 
It has blank white or light blue labels.Some labels have light non-related residual ink print.

 Feb. 17th & 18th 1969 CBS studio with  Johnny Cash 

 7-9 stars        NMP60

gwa 104
Matrix:   HB  A/B

Not to be confused with the 1977 USA release, this same Dutch LP was also re-released in 1977. The only difference in this later release is a 'II' added to the matrix to yield it : HB  AII / BII. The labels on this second release are blank white, black, or red.  NMP50

  * Also see the 1977 USA version

Thanks to our friend Tor Olav Andreassen 
for the photos of this LP
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