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Early 60's Revisited
source: Riverside Church and Leeds

Side one: 
Handsome Molly 
Omie wise 
Poor Lazarus 
Mean old Southern Railroad 
(on harp -Danny Kalb)
Acne (with Jack Elliot) 

Side two: 
He was a friend of mine 
Man on the street I 
Hard times in New York town 
Poor  boy blues 
Ballad for a friend 
Man on the street  II 
Standing on the highway 
Talkin' bear Mountain massacre picnic blues

Photos of this LP by: P.A. ten Haaf
This LP was released in several different versions. There was a completely different cover with a blue insert that was pressed with the same master plates, but issued by 
Teufel Folk Songs ref. # BD-554 
TMOQ reissued it several times with various color inserts of the original cover. 

Cartoon cover:
In 1973 TMOQ created a  generic  cartoon cover  with a die-cut center hole, and issued 18 or so of their titles as collector's items in this numbered volumes series.  The albums had a unique additional reference number that generally matched the 'Issue volume number' for that LP. It has been suggested that this LP could possibly have been included as a 1974 release in this series.
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 Front Cover

Another release from the prolific Bob Dylan chroniclers at TMOQ. This 1974 LP is probably the last to be issued in the '70's from  the 'original' (TMOQ) guys. 
Cover is a great looking drawing by W. Stout. 

Later released by TMOQ-2 with a smaller color insert 
Ref. number S 118 

Side one: Riverside Church New York, WRVR FM 
broadcast 7/29/61. 
Side two: Leeds demo tapes ' 62. 

Deluxe black and white cover. 
(later re-released as an insert cover) 

5-8 stars       NMP100 

Matrix: 71 083 P 320 29 

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