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Four (4) Songs from
Renaldo and Clara
source: Original CBS promo
Side one: 

People get ready
Never let me go
Side two: 
It ain't me babe

The Story:
There were 2000 promo records of the film produced by CBS and earmarked for US radio stations. This proved too small an amount among the world-wide collectors, and the piece became a very hard to find, and highly prized (and priced) item. When in 1978, an unknown USA manufacturer quietly slipped another 1000 copies into circulation, suddenly the piece became plentiful. It was never touted to retailers as a counterfeit, and to this day it still fools unwary buyers and sellers. The only way to recognize the two is on the back cover. The original has a machine stamped gold 'Demo' stamp, while the counterfeit's stamp is merely printed in black ink as it is on the front cover. 
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Front  Cover
'Demo' stamps
This 1978 LP has fooled many collectors, buyers, and sellers. It is not a bootleg, rather a counterfeit. As it has been included in most past lists of bootlegs, I feel obliged to include it as well. As with the original, a plain white jacket with a 'Demo' stamp in the corner; and a sticker listing the title and songs. The label is an exact copy of the CBS 'white label promo'. The convincing impostor even carries the original machine stamped matrix. 

9 stars      NMP35 

(gwa 137)
Matrix: XSM 164035 1B 
   XSM 164036 1B   [Machine stamped as per original]

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