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Gaslight Tapes
source: All Gaslight recordings 

Side one: 
Hard rain 
Black cross 
No more auction block 
Rocks and gravel 

Side two: 
Don't think twice 
Barbara Allen 
Moonshine blues 

Side three: 
Motherless children 
Handsome Molly 
John Brown 
Ballad of Hollis Brown 
Kind hearted woman blues 

Side four: 
See that my grave is kept clean 
Ain't no more cane 
Cuckoo is a pretty bird 
West Texas 

Side five: 
Man on the street 
He was a friend of mine 
Talkin' Bear Mountain picnic massacre blues 
Song to Woody 

Side six: 
Car car 
Pretty Polly 
Two trains running 
Rambling on my mind 
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Front Cover
Back Cover
A good overall effort for the German Platinum Label on this 1985 release.  Full song titles, authors, and track times are listed on the box. 
A quasi-legitimate piece that boasts good vinyl and full printed labels. This set became slightly confusing, as  it was released with at least three different box covers. Each LP was also released as two or more singles under various titles, by at least two different Labels. 
The first two albums in the set are actually the "second & third Gaslight" recordings from late 1962. LP 1 was also issued as a single LP entitled "A Hard Rain..."
LP 2 was also released as 'Cocaine'.
The third album in this set (side 5 and 6) has  the 
label " He was a friend of mine" and was released as 
a single album bearing that name. It is actually the "first Gaslight" recording from 9/6/61 

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6-8 stars     NMP65

Matrix: 24051, 24065, and 24066

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