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Great White Wonder II
source: Various

Side one: 
Can you please crawl out your window 
It takes a lot to laugh 
Love - 0/no limit 
She belongs to me 
It's all over now, Baby Blue 
That's all right Mama 
Hard times in New York town * 
Stealin' * 

Side two: 
I was young when I left home 
Percy's song (take 2) **
Corrina Corrina ***
In the evening 
Long John 
Down in the flood * 

Side three: 
Wade in the water * 
Cocaine * 
I'll keep it with mine 
Talking John Birch paranoid blues 
Who killed Davey Moore? * * 
Eternal circle 
Ramblin' gamblin' Willie 

Side four: 
 Million dollar bash 
Yea! Heavy and a bottle of bread 
Please, Mrs. Henry 
Lo and behold 
Tiny Montgomery 
You ain't going nowhere 
Mixed up confusion* 
East Laredo blues** 
Side 1 is '64 & '65 studio outtakes except for 
* Minnesota hotel tapes.
Side 2 is Minnesota hotel tapes except for 
* Basement tapes. 
** 'Times' outtake Oct. 63
*** 1963 45 rpm
Side 3 is '62 & '63 studio outtakes except for 
* Minnesota hotel tapes 
* * 10/26/63 Carnegie Hall.
Side 4 is Basement tapes except for 
*1962 45 rpm
** 'Another side'.. studio outtake.
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Here is an interesting piece released in the USA in 1970 by an unknown Label. It is most probably from the same folks that released GWW

The songs on this collection are mostly from the previously released LPs 'Stealin' and 'John Birch' along with seven Basement tape tracks. The LPs were not merely copied from those releases, however, but from original, high quality tapes.... and are quite good quality.
There are a few package variations that include various combinations of the following:
The cover is a blank white gatefold. In Europe it was released with a small black title stamp on the front that reads 'Stealin'. It is the same LP set, however. The labels are blank white, light blue, yellow, or black.
The vinyl is black.

It was also released by CBM in an inferior copy that came in a yellow sleeve with a die-cut center hole.
It has large stickers front and back that title the piece 'GWW-2'.  They also list the songs and ref. number.
5 stars     NMP125

To further confuse the issue, the following year CBM released the two discs as two separate albums with no titles. They have come to be referred to as gwa 16 & 17, Stealin' & John Birch, CBM Bob Dylan LPs, and/or Dylan 1 and Dylan 2.

7 stars     NMP150  NMP175(Euro version) 

gwa 15
Matrix: DAB 614/615/616/617

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