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½ Of Great White Wonder
(Rocolian) source: Various 

LP 1:
Side one: 
Baby please don't go 
Interview by Pete Seeger 
Dink's song 
See that my grave is kept clean 
East Orange New Jersey 
Man of constant sorrow 

 Side two:
Candy Man 
Ramblin' 'round 
Black cross 
Ain't got no home 
Death of Emmett Till 
Poor Lazarus 

LP 2:
Side one: 
New Orleans rag 
If you gotta go, go now 
Only a hobo 
Sitting on a barbed wire fence 
Mighty Quinn (take 1) 
This wheel's on fire 

Side two: 
I shall be released 
Open the door, Homer (take 1) 
Too much of nothing (take 2) 
Nothing was delivered (take 1) 
Tears of rage (take 2) 
Living the blues 

LP One
Sides 1 & 2: All 'Minnesota Hotel tape' material (Minneapolis, Dec. '61) except: 
Interview from Broadside show 3-62 
LP Two
Side 1: All Basement tape material except: 
'Living' - Johnny Cash Show May 1 1969 
Side 2: The six songs here, in order, are from: 
'Another Side' outtake June '64 
'65 outtake released as single 
'Times' outtake '63 
'Highway 61' outtake '65 
Basement tape '67 
Basement tape '67 
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Front Cover
Stamp closeup
In the early 70's the TMOQ Great White Wonder was copied by a label called 'Rocolian'.  They used various combinations of the TMOQ matrix number not only as their matrix, but by logical extension, their reference or catalog number.  The relationship between POPO, TMOQ, CBM, and Rocolian is not quite clear; but, at least in the beginning, there were ties of some  type.
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Rocolian then made the decision to release a few copies of the set as two separate LPs. They took single blank white covers with TMQ "GWW" stamps, and created their own large "½ OF" stamp. This was merely stamped directly over the original TMQ stamp to create a unique cover. The same cover was used for both discs. The discs themselves were the same ones that Rocolian released in the two LP set.
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The labels were the standard white Rocolian label. (this label has fake song titles with the heading "Dupre and his miracle sound"). This is a very rare LP as only a handful were released in this cover. Rarer still, it was also released as Approximately.

5 stars      NMP100  (per disc)

Not in gwa
Matrix: 22  64 2/3/4/5 

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