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GWW sings
The John Birch society blues
source: outtakes 
Side one: 

Mixed up confusion 
East Laredo 
I'll keep it with mine 
John Birch Society blues 
Who killed Davy Moore? 
Eternal circle 
Ramblin' gamblin' Willie 

Side two: 
I was young when I left home 
Percy's song *
Corrina Corrina **
In the evening 
Long John 

1) CBS 45 released in 1962 
2) "Another side" outtake June 1964 
3) "BIABH" outtake 1965 
4) Original "Freewheelin' " 1962-63 
5) Carnegie Hall October 26, 1963 
6) "Times" outtake 1963 
7) Original "Freewheelin' " 1962-63 

Side 2 
Minneapolis, December 1961 except: 
  * "Freewheelin" outtake 1963 
** CBS 45 released in 1962 

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Front Cover
Next John Birch release
This is a well known album that went by many titles, but this original 1970 version from an unknown Label is the first, and one of the most rare.  It had a plain white cover with no stamp, and a full printed blue and silver label. 
© 1999-2001 Craig Pinkerton
This title was used for many different albums.  TMOQ and Berkeley, among others, have released a wide variety of forms of this LP; all based on this original  album. 
© 1999-2001 Craig Pinkerton
After this version, the first John Birch Society was released in 1970 by an unknown Label.  As with this first LP, the matrix was  417 A/B.  Oddly enough, on the B side of both versions was another matrix: 111 with an 'A'  &  'B'  superimposed on each other.  The first John Birch  then, was pressed from the same master plates as this original GWW. 
© 1999-2001 Craig Pinkerton
7-9  stars       NMP200
© 1999-2001 Craig Pinkerton
Matrix: 417 A/B 
'B' side of LP has additional matrix: 
111 with an 'A'  &  'B'  superimposed 
 © 1999-2001 Craig Pinkerton
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