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Get Together   Promo
(The Beatles)
source: Woodstock 1970 

Side one: 
Kenny Everett Beatles interview
When everybody comes to town
I'd have you anytime

 Side two:
Beatles and Stones
Loving sacred loving
Shapes of orange
unreleased Apple 45 rpm

The songs "When everybody comes to town" and "I'd have you anytime" were co-written and recorded by Dylan and Harrison in Woodstock, NY in 1970. The majority of the vocals are by Harrison.
As this EP is primarily a Beatles boot, and severely limited at that, there were virtually none available for the Dylan collector.

Thanks to Harvey & Larry for scans

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 This is an incredibly rare 1976 USA promotional EP of a Beatles bootleg. There were only 500 stamped, numbered copies of the standard gold vinyl EP released. Only a handful carried the number '000' designating them as promos. The cover is black and white. The front features a collage of the Beatles. The back is a reproduction of a 1976 letter to the Beatles from Sid Bernstien imploring them to consider a live reunion performance. The vinyl is translucent gold. The full printed label is a take off of the "Apple" label. The label has a large, red, rubber stamped "PROMOTIONAL COPY NOT FOR SALE" The rubber stamp on the front and back covers are the same as the label, but also read: "BEATLES FOR SALE U.S.A. P.O. BOX 182 SPOKANE, WASH. 99210". The 33 rpm EP was released by Ticket To Ryde / Beatles For Sale U.S.A. The catalog number on the jacket is:
PRO-4 Q 1/2

3 stars      NMP175

gwa 132
Matrix: TOBE MILO 40 1/2

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