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Get Together Black vinyl release
(The Beatles)
source: Woodstock 1970 

Side one: 
Kenny Everett Beatles interview
When everybody comes to town
I'd have you anytime

 Side two:
Beatles and Stones
Loving sacred loving
Shapes of orange
unreleased Apple 45 rpm

The songs "When everybody comes to town" and "I'd have you anytime" were co-written and recorded by Dylan and Harrison in Woodstock, NY in 1970. The majority of the vocals are by Harrison.
As this EP is primarily a Beatles boot, and severely limited at that, there were virtually none available for the Dylan collector.
Thanks to Harvey & Larry for scans

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Gold vinyl
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See readable back cover (129 kb)
 This is a very rare 1976 USA EP Beatles bootleg. There were 500 stamped, numbered copies of the gold vinyl, but there were only 100 copies of this black vinyl version. In this case, then, it is the black vinyl that is the most rare. The cover and labels are identical to the gold version.  The cover is black and white. The front features a collage of the Beatles. The back is a reproduction of a 1976 letter to the Beatles from Sid Bernstien imploring them to consider a live reunion performance. The full printed label is a take off of the "Apple" label. 
This 33 rpm EP was released by Ticket To Ryde / Beatles For Sale U.S.A. 
The catalog number on the jacket is: PRO-4 Q 1/2

3 stars      NMP150

gwa 132
Matrix: TOBE MILO 40 1/2

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