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Grabado En Directo
source: Minnesota tape & outtakes 

Side one: 
Grasshoppers on my pillow* 
Baby please don't go 
Man of constant sorrow 
Only a hobo** 
Side two:
Candy man 
I ain't got no home
Death of Emmett Till
Poor Lazarus 
Side three:
Sitting on a barbed wire fence* 
If you Gotta go, go now** 
She belongs to me 
Love - 0/no limit 
Dusty old Fair grounds*** 
Side four:
Can you please crawl out your window** 
From a Buick 6* 
Lay down your weary  tune*** 
It's all over now, Baby Blue 
It takes a lot to laugh* 
Sources: Sides 1 & 2
Side 1 is Minnesota tape material except: 
* Gil Turner tapes  1963  ** 'Times' outtake 
Side 2 is Minnesota tape material except: 
* Gil Turner tapes 1963 
** Broadside show WBAI radio 3-10-6

Sources: Sides 3 & 4
Side 3 is 'Bringing it all back home' outtakes except: 
* 'Highway '61' outtake 
** '65 outtake released as CBS 45 RPM 
*** Unreleased CBS live LP '63
Side 4 is 'Bringing it all back home' outtakes except: 
* 'Highway '61' outtake 
** '65 outtake released as CBS 45 RPM 
*** 'Times' outtake

Thanks to Joan Muntanyola for photos & input
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1979 saw the re-release of this 2 LP set from Joker. Throughout the '70s, the Italian Label 'Joker' released this material on as many as 14 different albums. It's referred to as 'quasi-legit' because the gray area recording laws in Italy during this time period implied that the material was legal to produce and release. The various LPs were released in European supermarkets, but usually pulled from the shelf soon after release. Along with Canta A Dylan, this LP was the only other release to be produced in Spain. The labels are full printed red, white, and black. The wild cover is a bit of a mystery. No doubt an intended throwback to the psychedelic '60s & '70s, it pertains very little to Dylan. The title itself is a bit of a misnomer. It translates to: "Recorded Live". There is also a sentence on the front cover that loosely translates: "I'll stand at the crossroads 'till my body drops to the ground". This is most likely an intended take off of the line from "Let Me Die In My Footsteps". The gatefold cover opens to show a red and black drawing of 'The Endless Time-Highway Traveler' on the outside. The inside gatefold is a black, purple, and orange drawing of an embryo in an eyeball, with a small insert of the Greatest Hits II  Bangladesh cover photo. Another sentence inside translates: "I wouldn't know what to do with a million dollars." The cover is printed in full color and double laminated. Some LPs were issued with a yellow sticker on the front that read "Grabacion Original" along with the Bangladesh photo from inside. Although pressed from unique master plates, LP 1 is the same as Rare Batch 1. LP 2 is a re-release of Rare Batch 3.

6-8 stars     NMP100

gwa 87
Record 1:  SR 60 LP 04 A/B NI
Record 2:  SR 60 LP 08 A/B NI

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