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source: Various

Side one: 
Handsome Molly 
Gypsy Lou* 
Love - 0/no limit** 

Side two: 
With God on our side 
Ye playboys & playgirls 
She's your lover now* 
Sitting on a barbed wire fence** 
She belongs to me*** 

Thanks to P.A. ten Haaf for LP Photos

gwa81C Click for larger image
There is a 1970 Dutch release with the same title. The only connection is that both releases include the title track. For years it was thought that this was a Dylan outtake from a Beatles/Dylan session. It sounds remarkably like Bob, but it is actually from an obscure USA band called "Family Frog".
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Front Cover
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The USA Label CBM released this LP in 1975. Pictured is the original release with blue insert (gwa81A). 
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The LP was subsequently released with an insert of the same "Alias" image, but slightly smaller; in various colors; and with songs listed underneath (gwa81B) 
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In 1978 the LP came out with a completely new cover with the ref. number 3587 (gwa81C) pictured at left 
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Variations in packaging include different combinations of: Pirate logo labels, CBM logo, LP logo, King Kong logo, and plain labels... all in a variety of colors. 
The sources are... 
Side one: 
Riverside church 7-'61 Except:
   *Witmark tape 1962 
 ** Bangladesh afternoon concert 8-'71
***'Family frogg 45'  (Not Dylan) 
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Side two:
Newport folk Festival with Pete Seeger and 
Joan Baez July 1963 Except:
    * Outtake with Band 10-'65
  ** 'Highway '61' outtake '65
*** 'Bringing it all back home' outtake 1-'65 
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4 stars    NMP65 
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