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In Concerto EP
source: Passed Over LP

Side one:
Simple twist of fate 
Hurricane (cuts)

Side two:
Just like a woman 
Knockin' on heaven's door

Hot Wacks lists this title as 'In Concert'. Cable calls it 'Bob Dylan in Concert'. This EP was recorded directly from the TAKRL boot release Passed Over and Rolling Thunder. The original sources are side one: 'The World of John Hammond' WTTW studios Chicago - Sept 10, 1975. side two: Providence, Rhode Island Nov. 4, 1975. The total playing time on this 7" 45rpm EP is 16 minutes.
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The Italian Label Gong Records released this 4 song EP in 1976. The paper cover is white printed in green. The white label is a full printed Gong label with the purple SIAE stamp. It is a rare and unusual title. It was included in the 1976 issue #3 of Gong magazine. Gong began in 1972 as a music and cultural magazine. Gong got away with releasing similar items on various artists because of the Italian copyright laws. In Italy, this release was legal. 
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6 stars      NMP30
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Matrix: GONG 5A/6B (Machine stamped)
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