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Isle of Wight              gwa 44C
source: Isle of Wight
Side one: 

Highway 61 revisited 
One too many mornings 
I pity the poor immigrant 
Like a rolling stone 
I'll be your baby tonight*
Mighty Quinn 
Minstrel boy 

Side two: 
She belongs to me 
I threw it all away 
Maggie's farm 
Wild mountain thyme 
It ain't me, Babe 
To Ramona 
Lay Lady lay

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Original 1970 LP
Peace / Piece versions
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Front Cover
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In 1972 Contraband music released the same album with the same matrix and an additional 'BEAVER REC. 104701/2' and a very small 'MOTION'.  It had a white jacket with a red and white insert, black vinyl, and the standard variety of blank or CBM labels  such as the pirate logo. 
Copied from the original, but not in as good a quality. 
*Not mentioned on cover, but is included on LP. 
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2-5 stars      NMP45 
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Matrix:  10470 1/2
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