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Isle of Wight                       gwa 45
(TMOQ Version)
source: same, with more  8-31-69
Side one: 

She belongs to me 
I threw it all away 
Maggie's farm 
Wild mountain thyme 
It ain't me, Babe 
To Ramona 
Lay Lady lay 
Highway 61 revisited
Side two: 
One too many mornings 
I pity the poor immigrant 
Like a rolling stone 
I'll be your Baby Tonight 
Mighty Quinn 
Minstrel boy 
Rainy day women # 12 & 35
Mr. Tambourine man
I dreamed I saw St. Augustine

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Front Cover
Isle of Wight
The TMQ versions

In 1972, TMQ released their version of Isle of Wight.  They tried to include the whole concert with the three additional songs that had been missing from the original album.  The songs are from an audience recording and are not good quality.  Matrix is BD 521. 

The cover was the standard pastel colored TMOQ jacket with a logo pig sticker on the front and a blue insert. Later editions included the reference number  71 050 on the insert. The vinyl was clear blue, yellow, green, or orange.  The labels were the original TMOQ pig logos. 
In 1974 TMOQ issued this piece in a white jacket with a Xerox of the original insert and fake labels thar said 'Teufel Folk Songs'. 

TMOQ-2 also issued this piece with their new 'smoking pig' labels and a new matrix number of 1855-A/B

3-6  stars         NMP80 
gwa 45
Matrix: 31 W-A/B  HM-PART - 1/2. 

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