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Joaquin Antique
source: studio outtakes

Side one: 
I threw it all away 
Living the blues* 
Lilly, Rosemary and the jack of hearts 
I'll keep it with mine 
Idiot wind 

Side two: 
Nobody 'cept you* 
Tangled up in blue 
She belongs to me 
If you see her say hello 
Love - 0/no limit 
You're a big girl now 
It's all over now, Baby Blue
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Front insert
Nice package.A good quality 1975 release from TAKRL. A yellow insert printed in blue or brown. It's a very rare LP due to the fact that TAKRL didn't distrbute many copies because of a bad pressing on the song 
Idiot wind. 
Side one
'Bringing it all back home' sessions Jan 14 & 15  '65 
 Except: * Johnny Cash show 5/1/69. 
Side two
 CBS A&R studios NY, 9-17-74 
These are the 5 studio outtakes from the 
'Blood on the tracks' sessions recorded in NY and subsequently replaced with those recorded in Minneapolis. 
Except: *Chicago Stadium 1-4-74. 
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6-8 stars       NMP100
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