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John Birch Society Blues 
(Early versions) gwa 13A & B
source: outtakes 
Side one: 

Mixed up confusion 
East Laredo 
I'll keep it with mine 
John Birch Society blues 
Who killed Davy Moore? 
Eternal circle 
Ramblin' gamblin' Willie 

Side two: 
I was young when I left home 
Percy's song *
Corrina Corrina **
In the evening 
Long John 

1) CBS 45 released in 1962 
2) "Another side" outtake June 1964 
3) "BIABH" outtake 1965 
4) Original "Freewheelin' " 1962-63 
5) Carnegie Hall October 26, 1963 
6) "Times" outtake 1963 
7) Original "Freewheelin' " 1962-63 

Side 2 
Minneapolis, December 1961 except: 
  * "Freewheelin" outtake 1963 
** CBS 45 released in 1962 

             13Aa                             13B
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John Birch Society Blues
Early versions
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This title was used for many different albums. TMOQ and Berkeley, among others, have released a wide variety of forms of this LP; all based on the original GWW Sings the John Birch Society Blues
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After the GWW version, the first John Birch Society was released in 1970 by an unknown Label. The matrix was 417 A/B.  Oddly enough, on the B side of the album was another matrix 111 with an 'A'  &  'B' superimposed on each other.  This first issue then, was pressed from the same master plates as the original GWW.  The album was black vinyl with blank white labels.  The covers were white (or, rarely, a light pastel) with various forms of rubber-stamp names on the front.  The first version had a red title stamp with no box around it (gwa13-Aa). Some also have a round, day-glow TMQ logo sticker in the upper left corner.  Musicben has provided us with a copy of this version where the manufacturer went a little crazy with the stickers. View it here. The unique thing about this copy is that it allows documentation and comparison of the four original color stamps that were available.  The next issue, also in 1970 had a red , green or blue title stamp with a box around it (gwa13-Ab).  This is the version shown in the above photograph.
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Another version of this early LP appeared in Sweden at the same time.  (gwa13-B).  This European version came in a slick white cover with the title printed in black with quotations.  It had a small "Syb Trick Tumba" logo on the back. 
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7-9 stars     NMP100-150
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gwa13A & B
Matrix: 417 A/B 
'B' side of LP has additional matrix: 
111 with an 'A'  &  'B' superimposed
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