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Kindest Cut
source: Minnesota tape +
Side one: 

Hard times in New York town 
Baby let me follow you down 
Sally gal 
Gospel plow 
Ballad of Donald White* 
Only a hobo/talkin' devil** 
Wade in the water 

Side two: 
It's hard to be  blind 
VD  blues 
VD waltz 
VD city 
VD Gunner's blues 
Naomi wise 
John Brown** 
Photo below  by: P. A. ten Haaf

gwa50B Click for larger image
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Information: © 1999 Craig Pinkerton Bobsboots.com
The original 1971 BBG issue of this LP cover is simply a title sticker on the front cover, and a song list sticker on the back (gwa50A) .The original labels are full printed green BBG with RI 3145 matrix. 
The cover pictured above is a retailer's idea of packaging.  On the front there is a glued on photo of Bob and the title.  On the back there is a glued on song listing with times.  The piece has been shrink wrapped by the retailer. Full printed green and silver label. Berkley Records. The actual cover was an insert printed in black, brown, or green (gwa50B & 50Ca) pictured at left. 
There is also  a subsequent pressing with a 
light blue and black label
12/22/61 Minnesota hotel tape Except for: 
* March '63 WBAI FM radio broadcast 
**1963 Broadside recordings. 
Later Berkley issues had the same insert on a gatefold cover (gwa50Ca) and some had a slightly different insert with a larger image (gwa50Cb) 
The LP was copied by TMQ and issued as 
Blind Boy Grunt
© 1999 Craig Pinkerton Bobsboots.com
5-7 stars  NMP65 
Matrix: RI 3145 / FIWN (gwa50A) 
Matrix:  507  (gwa50 B & C)
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