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Let Me Die In My Footsteps
source: Gleason, various   gwa52B
Side one: 

Let me die in my footsteps (cut)*
San Francisco Bay Blues 
Jesus met the woman at the well 
Gypsy Davey 
Pastures of plenty 
Remember me 

Side two: 
Folsom prison blues*
Ring of fire* 
Number one (Instrumental) **
Walkin' down the line 
Cuban missile crises 
I'd hate to be you on that dreadful day 
Original sources:
Side One:
All tracks are from the 'Gleasons home tape' except *Original Freewheelin' LP.
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Side Two:
All tracks are from 'Broadside recordings' except for * Self Portrait outtakes
** Outtake with The Band Oct. 1965
*** 'Another side' outtake

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Cartoon Cover:
In 1973 TMOQ created a cartoon cover  with a die-cut center hole, and issued 18 or so of their titles as collector's items in this numbered volumes series.  The albums had a unique additional reference number that generally matched the 'Issue volume number' for that LP. This LP was the # 9 issue of the series.
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Full Insert
Information:© 1999 Craig Pinkerton Bobsboots.com
TMOQ released this early clasic in 1971, shortly after its initial release by sister Label, POPO. When first issued, the POPO transitional LP contained elements of both labels. The TMOQ releases are all typical of the Label, with blank, stamped and stickered covers, and 8x10 inserts. The insert is a xerox of two Daniel Kramer photos. The first TMOQ release has no catalog number on the insert. Shortly thereafter, and throughout 1972, the insert came with the catalog number 710437 under the track listing. Color vinyl with TMOQ lables. There are many variations of this title, including color of vinyl, label, cover, and/or insert; as well as the shape and pressence of the logo stamp. There were more changes in the following two years, with the TMOQ-2 transition.
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Front: Sticker: Ins. color: Ins. style:
Peach Round Yellow Original
Yellow Square Green 71043
Blank Blank Blue S 109
Color: Label: Blank Blank
Red White Blank Blank
Green Black Blank Blank
Orange Blank Blank Blank
Blue Blank Blank Blank
Gold Blank Blank Blank
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3-7 stars     NMP150 (red vinyl) 
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Matrix:  BD 001  1 / 2
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