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Live 1974
source: L.A. 2/13-14/74

Side one: 
It's all over now, Baby Blue 
The Times 
Love - 0/no limit 
Don't think twice its all right 
Just like a woman 
It's all right ma (I'm only bleeding)

Side two: 
Most likely you go your way 
Rainy Day Women No. 12 and 35 
Ballad of Hollis Brown 
Highway 61 revisited 
Like a rolling stone 
Blowin' in the wind
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This 1975 album is a Dutch piece released in a deluxe, laminated white & brown cover by B.D.A.C.The cover photo is of Dylan on a Miami stage in 1974. The LP is a copy of the 1974 LP released in the USA by TMOQ as 'Bridgett's Album'. Black vinyl with yellow, full printed labels that are official record labels with fake titles. The back cover lists the tracks, venues, catalog number and a "Thanks to TMQ"
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3-5 stars    NMP65
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