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Live at the pit stop 78
Gaza Strip
source: 11/10/78

Side one: 

It ain't me babe (accoustic)
One more cup of coffee 
Blowin' in the wind 

Side two: 

Where are you tonight? 
Forever Young 
Changing of the guards
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Front Cover
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This 1979 LP is a very rare item. It was a limited run from an unknown Label. The jacket is plain white with a red 'Colored Vinyl' stamped on the front. The insert is orange with a cut and paste photo of Bob and Sara in a Cobra funny car. The vinyl is translucent red with plain labels stamped 'SIDE 1/2'.  gwa 155A. There was also a black vinyl edition that had no cover stamp. gwa 155B.
Source: Seattle 11/10/78. 
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7-8 stars    NMP75
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Matrix: 79-152/153 M
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