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Live Down Under 
source: 2/24-25/86 Australia
Side one: 

In the garden 
Just like a woman 
Like a rolling stone 
It's alright Ma (I'm only bleeding) 
Girl of the north country

Side two: 
Lenny Bruce 
When the night comes falling from the sky 
Ballad of a thin man 
I'll remember you 
Knockin' on heaven's door

Information on the first 300:
The vinyl is transparent with splashes of color in it - (mainly red and blue). The 7" single is transparent vinyl with a small LP spindle center hole.  One side is an excerpt from Westwood One, the other is Band of the Hand. The poster is A2 size, black and white, folded to A4. At the top of the poster is printed in large white letters BOB DYLAN SYDNEY '86   At the bottom left of the poster in small lettering is a small copyright © 1986 DOWN UNDER Records, Ltd. The picture is Bob in striped pants playing a Telecaster & singing into a mike. The shot is him from the knees up.
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Thanks to Michael for information
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Front Cover
Back Cover
A very nicely packaged German piece.  Slick cover with double exposure concert shot on back.  The source is the live broadcast concert with Tom Petty and the heartbreakers at the Sydney entertainment center, Australia, 1986. 
Nice looking purple marble vinyl with the standard 
TAKRL labels.  Back cover info reads: 
"This album presents the entire stereo soundtrack of the cable TV special 'In concert in Australia. 
The first 300 copies are numbered and include a free  7" interview disc.  All copies include a free Dylan concert poster."
Well, all copies did not include a poster. I will assume that it was only the first 300. 

8-9 stars       NMP45 (interview disc add 10.  poster add 10)

Matrix: BDH 286

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