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Live in Adelaide
source: March 18, 1978

Side one: 
Hard rain  (instrumental) 
Love her with a feeling 
Mr. tambourine Man 
I threw it all away 
Shelter from the storm 
Love - 0/no limit 

Side two: 
Girl of the north country 
To Ramona 
You're a big girl now 
Blowin' in the wind 
I want you 
Just like a woman 

Side three: 
Oh sister 
Simple twist of fate 
The Man in me 
All I really want to do 
Don't think twice, it's alright 

Side four: 
Sooner or later 
One more cup of coffee 
Maggie's farm 
I shall be released 
Going, going, gone
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 Front Cover
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Nothing too special here, save for the fact that there were only 100 stamped/numbered copies of this 1984 reissue USA release. The original was released in 1978 in the same package. Chintzy xerox cover of the only photo of Dylan ever taken by Linda McCartney. Track listings are on the back wrap around flap. Translucent red or green vinyl with generic GLC labels, and/or raven or blank labels. This is a copy of  the TAKRL release "Live in Adelaide, 1978
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4 stars    NMP70
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Matrix: BD 6892 A/B/C/D

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