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Looking Back
source: Dublin '66, Town Hall '63 
 (Not Berkeley) and 'RAH' (Manchester

Side one: 
Tell me Mama 
I don't believe you 
Baby let me follow you down 
Just like Tom Thumb's blues 

Side four: 
Visions of Johanna 
Fourth time around 
Just like a woman 
Desolation row 

Side two: 
Leopard skin pill box hat 
One too many mornings 
Ballad of a thin man 
Like a rolling stone 

Side three: 
Ramblin' down through the world 
Bob Dylan's dream 
Tomorrow is a long time 
New Orleans rag 
The walls of Red Wing 
Hero blues 
Who killed Davy Moore? 

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Looking Back
This LP is the first USA album to release the 'RAH' show. It was also issued as a single. You may choose to follow the LP Variations  link for more info on this LP; or click the icon to continue the tour.
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Front Cover
Back Cover
A 1970 release on the Zerocks Label, this is the first LP of the RAH show to be released in the United States. 

The cover on this piece leaves lots to be desired.  The front cover loose line sketch looks very little if any like Bob.  As the L.P. is credited to Zimmerman with no mention of Dylan anywhere, perhaps the Zerocks Label was going for complete anonymity even down to the drawing. 

Back cover lists songs written in a free-hand style that's sometimes hard to read.  A big poo-poo for the cover effort.  Inside everything changes.  Nicely done full printed labels. Good, heavy vinyl...great sound. 

 Side one and Two are from Manchester (aka Royal Albert Hall)  and are pressed on different discs (to allow stacking on automatic turntables) 

Side three and Four is listed as the  Berkeley concert. In reality, side three is from Town Hall '63. Side four is from the Adelphi theatre, Dublin '66.  also available on Mood Music Label and Dittolino Label. 

Side one is available as Royal Albert Hall on the 
T M O Q  Label 71017.  Side two was copied and released as While the establishment Burns 71006.  Side one was also issued by CBM Label as looking back I 
CBM released side two as looking back II 

This is a confusing LP as it was released in so many variations. LP Variations

7-9 stars    NMP165 

Matrix: L B (1-4)

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