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(And) Now Your 
Mouth Cries Whoops
source: various (see below)

Side one: 
New Orleans rag* 
That's all right Mama* 
Hard times in New York  town 
Wade in the water 
It's all over now, Baby Blue** 
Suze *** 

Side two: 
I wanna be your lover 
Please crawl out your window (fast) 
From a Buick six * 
Visions of Johanna (Freeze Out)** 
She's your lover now 

The sources are:
Side one: 
Minnesota tapes 12-22-61 except for 
   * 'Another Side' outtakes 
  ** 'Bringing it all back' outtake 
*** 'Times' outtake 

Side two: 
Studio outtakes CBS, NY 10-20-65 except: 
 * CBS studio A, NY  June 16 1965 
**Sunset Studios LA Nov. 30-Dec. 1, 1965 

  Also see: 
Original release
'Reverse cover' release
Seems like a freeze out side 2
Stealin' side 2
RAH 1966 (The reverse cover)
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 Front Cover

Released by TAKRL in 1974. 
In a subsequent run of 'Now your mouth cries wolf', the side 2 master plate of 'Stealin' was inadverntantly loaded as stamper instead of the side 1 plate. This created a few new LPs by mistake. Rather than destroy their bastard creation, TAKRL created the 'Whoops' insert as an inside joke, and released the small number that was accidentaly produced as this LP. 

Side one is the same as side two of 
Stealin'  (TMOQ version). 
Side two is the same as side two of 
'Seems like a freeze out'. 

5-7 stars        NMP150

gwa 107
matrix: 1963  A/B  (plus all of the other matrices from Stealin' & Freeeze Out crossed out) 

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