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On The Road 1974-1975
source: Various live  1974-1975

Side one: 
I don't believe you 
She belongs to me 
It's all over now, Baby Blue 
Nobody 'cept you 
Love - 0/no limit 
Simple twist of fate 

Side two: 
Hard rain 
Desolation row 
Wedding song 
Visions of Johanna 
Original photo by Marcel Moliken
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Insert (full size)
ZAP records released this 1976 LP of highlights of the 1974/75 tour. Insert ref. # ZAP 7877. Black vinyl with 'worlds' label. Yellow or beige insert with Isle of Wight photo. Entire LP is Accoustic songs. 

The sources are:
Side One
Track No. 1)  Bangor, Maine 11-27-75. 
Track No. 2)  L.A. 2-14-74. Evening show 
Track No. 3)  L.A. 2-14-74. Afternoon show
Track No. 4)  Chicago 1-4-74. 
Tracks No.5 & 6) New York MSG 12-8-75. 
Side Two
Tracks No. 1 & 2) St. Louis 2-4-74.  Afternoon 
Tracks No. 3 & 4) Denver 2-6-74 Afternoon 

4-6 stars      NMP65

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