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Power Efficient Engine
source: studio outtakes 

Side one: 
New Danville girl ***
Tight connection to my heart *** +
Clean cut kid
Side two: 
I'll remember you ** +
Seeing the real you at last **
Something's burning baby #1***
Trust yourself ** +
Emotionally yours ** +
Side three: 
When the night comes falling *** +
Never gonna be the same (not listed)*** +
Waiting to get beat ***
Straight A's in love (listed as Crazy Love) ***
The very thought of you ***

Side four: 
Drifting too far from shore
Firebird (Instrumental No. 1)
Who loves ya more
Groovin' at Delta (Instrumental No. 2
Go away  little boy 

The sources are all Empire Burlesque sessions:
Late July 1984 Delta Studios, NY except:
  Cherokee Studios, LA   Fall 1984
** Cherokee Studios, LA   Jan. 1985
***The Record Plant, NY  Feb. 1985
+ These songs are the original mix prior to 
Authur Baker's remixing 
© 1999, 2002 Craig Pinkerton Bobsboots.com
Thanks to Joan Muntanyola for track correlation
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Front Cover
Back Cover
Shogun Label put out  this package in 1988 with a super looking cover. The back is a full cover shot of the Linda McCartney photo. Song listings on back, but no other information. Nice looking full printed labels, 'though they list the title as "Powerful Efficient Engine". 
Shogun is a late 80's child of TMOQ.
This is a copy derived from a tape of the European release:  'Real Cuts

4-6 stars     NMP50

Matrix:  SHOGUN 13100

 There are a few titles that are listed slightly incorrect on the back cover and on the labels. The above titles appear on the set. The tracks below are as they are incorrectly listed on the back and labels.
Side 1:
Danville Girl
Tight Connection
Clean Cut Kid
Side 2:
I'll Remember You
The Real You At Least
Something's Burning Baby
Trust Yourself
Emotionally Yours
Side 3:
When The Night Comes Falling From The Sky
Waiting To Get  Me
Crazy Love
The Very Thought Of You
Side 4:
Drifting Too Far From Shore
Number 2
Who Loves Ya True
Number 3
Go Away Little Boy
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