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Press conference 1986 
source: 2/10/86 and 8/17/86
Side one: 

Sydney Australian 
press conference 
Side two: 
Hearts of fire press conference 
N F T London 
The LP was simultaneously released on a picture disc album and CD. All images are based on two very nice, full color pro shot photos of Dylan. The CD presents the bulk of both conferences at 30 minutes each. For the LP releases, they have been edited to nearly half of that.
Cover Photo
Pic disc release
CD release
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Front Cover
Back Cover

The European Hearts of 5 Label put out this 
1986 press conference album in 1988.  Mixed reviews 
on the cover.  Very simple, but the striking black 
on white grabs your attention.  The vinyl itself is a 
beautiful green.  The full printed labels have the same 
striking simplicity of the cover. 

4-6 stars     NMP35

Matrix: Hearts of fire A/B (plus 'Orlake' &  'Made in England')

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