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Royal Albert Hall   [gwa 25A] 
(TMQ-2  versions)  

source: 'RAH' 

Side one:  
Tell me Mama 
I Don't Believe You 
Baby Let Me Follow You Down 
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues

Side two:  
Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat 
One Too Many Mornings 
Ballad of a Thin Man 
Like a Rolling Stone

"RAH"  releases: 
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Early versions 
TMOQ Versions 
TAKRL Versions 
Greatest WW versions 
Later European versions 
Later USA versions 

TMOQ-2 original version 
Here again is a fairly similar TMOQ package. It was released in 1974 using the original plates. The most striking difference is the bold new 'Smokin' Pig logo'. 
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Front Cover
TMQ versions 
Notes: © 1999  CD Pinkerton -
In 1973-74  TMOQ  'traded hands' so to speak.  The resulting company is referred to by collectors as TMQ-2. The new administration issued in several changes, the most easily recognizable being a new logo. Out was the side view of a pig, and in was  'Pig Daddy'  aka 'Smokin' Pig'. This was a cartoon pig that would serve not only TMQ-2 during the 70's; but also the German Swingin' Pig Label up through the 90's.
© 1999  CD Pinkerton -

TMOQ-2 versions© 1999  CD Pinkerton -
In the transition from TMQ to TMQ-2 there were lots of packaging anomalies. In trying to 'Be their own company' TMQ-2 came up with a new logo, new inserts, new matrices, and did away with the well known rubber stamp cover. However, there was still product lying around that they didn't want to go to waste. Because of this there is a near endless array of hybrid packages on early TMOQ-2  product. There is also a version of this LP released in the GWW cover. After releasing all remaining stock they first started adding an 'S-107' ref.# to the inserts. It is unclear if this was a mistake that should have been S-017 in reference to the newly changed matrix. 
Eventually they would use their own matrix '1818'  Surprisingly, there are many more hybrid packages of this release then there are complete full original TMQ-2 packages. In 1979 the disc was released as part of a two LP set entitled 'Tough Songs'.
In 1983 a re-issue series was released. 

7-8 stars  Full, complete, original package  NMP200 
                      Any one of several Hybrids  NMP175
© 1999  CD Pinkerton -
gwa 25A 
Matrix: 1818 BD 115 A/B

© 1999  CD Pinkerton -