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VD Waltz
source: various
Side one: 

V D Blues 
V D Waltz 
V D City 
V D (Woman) Gunner's blues 
Mama you been on my mind 
Seven curses 
Wild mountain thyme 
East Virginia blues
Side two: 
Medicine Sunday * 
Clothesline saga 
I'm not there (1956) 
Odds and ends 
Get your rocks off 
Apple suckling tree 
Paths of victory ** 
There were many variations released of this 
package that were not noted in Roques'
great white answers
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Also released in the 1973 Cartoon cover series

Thanks to P.A. ten Haaf  for LP photos
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Front Cover
Popo productions / TMQ released this classic in 1971. No catalog number on insert. (gwa57Aa) 
labels have TMQ1 style (side view) pig. 

Side one: 
VD songs-Minnesota tape 12-22-61 
The other four in order are: 
Witmark demos  '62-'63 
'Times' outtake 
 Isle of Wight 8/31/69 
 Scruggs  family and friends '71 TV show 
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Side two:
Basement tapes except : 
*Outtake with the Band. Oct. '65 (This short instrumental would later become 
'Tempory like Achilles') 
** Witmark demos

3-6 stars     NMP200
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Matrix : BD509

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