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Walking Down The Line
source: studio outtakes +
Side one: 

Death of Emmett Till 
Worried blues 
Corrina Corrina 
Let me die in my footsteps 
San Francisco Bay Blues *
Side two: 
Rocks and gravel 
Havah Negeilah 
Cuban missile crisis **
Denise ***
Walking down the line **
Naomi Wise ****
When I left Wichita
 Original source tapes:
Tracks are outtakes from the 'Freewheelin' sessions of '62-'63 except for:
* Gleasons home tape Feb. '61
** Broadside office demo
*** 'Another side' outtake June '64
**** 'Minnesota Hotel' Dec. '61
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L -1
L - 2
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Figa records  put out this very rare LP in 1974. It was copied from two previous 1971 releases 'Let Me Die' and 'Talking Bear Mt.'  The sound quality is slightly inferior to the originals.  By the horribly butchered song titles on the cover and labels, it is obvious that no Dylan fan was involved with manufacturing this LP
The LP was released in two different covers. 80-A is a deluxe printed white on black cover. 80-B is an 8x10 xerox insert on a blank white jacket that is either white on black (reverse image printing) or green on black. 
The cover shows a 1963 photo and lists songs (mostly with mistaken titles - see L-2 link).
The labels are blue full printed, or blank red on subsequent pressings.
Equally rare are two 1975 releases pressed from the same plates. One is in a blank grey jacket with the FIGA insert, but with TMQ-2 'Pig Daddy' labels. 
The second is a limited edition of 200 from AER Records. It comes in a deluxe printed black and orange cover, black vinyl with blank blue labels.
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3-5 stars     NMP175 
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gwa 80
Matrix: FIGA 4 A/B 
second (and later) pressings also have: 2 S 2669/70
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