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Waters Of Oblivion
source: Basement tapes
Side one: 

Million dollar bash 
Yea! Heavy and a bottle of bread 
Please Mrs. Henry 
Crash on the levee (Down in the flood) 
Lo and behold 
Tiny Montgomery 
This wheel's on fire
Side two: 
You ain't going nowhere 
I shall be released * 
Too much of nothing (take 2) * 
Tears of rage (take 2) * 
Mighty Quinn (take 1) * 
Open the door, Homer (take 1) * 
Nothing was delivered (take 1)
The songs marked with a astrisk (*) are versions not released on the later official CBS Basement Tapes release. 

Historical note:
This LP has a blank white label and no printed information. For that reason, these early boots are referred to as 'white labels', 'blank labels', or the colorful moniker contributed by Hot Wacks... 'WCF' (White Cover Folks). WCF was not a Label, only a descriptive term used by the bootleg chronicler 'Hot Wacks' to refer to these early USA boots of unknown origin.
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Front cover
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This rare, early bootleg appeared in 1970 from an unknown USA Manufacturer. It has a blank white label and a blank cover with a small black rubber-stamped title on the front.  It was taken directly from an acetate of the Basement tapes, and is most likely the very first bootleg ever taken from acetate. 
It appeared in three slightly different packages from three separate presses; all of equal or near equal quality. The package as is described above, had no matrix. 
Another package has a near identical cover, but with no quotations around the title. The label is blank orange, and there is the simple matrix: C-1/2 
A third package was released in 1971 by Paranoid Productions. It has a black title stamp, but also a black and white insert that says "The Complete Basement Tape". The labels are white and black with 'Dylan' printed on both sides. On side one is also printed "Water O Oblivion" This version has the matrix KG A/B 
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7 stars   NMP175  all versions
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gwa 6
Matrix (See description above)
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