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While the                     gwa 31Bb 
Establishment Burns 
source: 4/63 and 5/66
Side one: 
Ramblin' Down Through the World 
Bob Dylan's Dream 
Tomorrow is a Long Time 
New Orleans Rag 
Walls of Red Wing 
Hero Blues 
Who Killed Davy Moore?
Side two: 
Visions of Johanna 
Fourth Time Around 
Just Like a Woman 
Desolation Row
This LP was also copied and issued by Paranoid productions as Black nite crash

Side one is from NY Town hall 4/63. 
Side two is from Dublin Ireland 5/6/66

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TMQ 1&2 hybrids
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Late 1970 saw the release of one of the first TMQ packages. Although pressed from the original Winklhofer plates, everything about this album is pure TMQ
The complete package includes the TMQ style stamped and stickered cover, an insert with six photos and song titles (Some with the 71006 reference number, some without), and colored vinyl with TMQ labels. 
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6 stars      NMP175 
(Price is for the complete version that contains colored vinyl, foil stamp, TMQ label, and insert.) 
For other packages subtract: black vinyl -$25
blank label -$10; no insert -$5; no sticker -$5
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It has been suggested that this LP might have been included in the 1973 Cartoon cover series  releases. 
While it is most plausible that the intention of TMQ was to release this title with the series, whether they did so is not known. No copy is known to exist to date.
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gwa 31Bb
Matrix:1848 A/B   70-297/8 M
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