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While the                     gwa 31C  
Establishment Burns 
source: 4/63 and 5/66
Side one: 
Ramblin' Down Through the World 
Bob Dylan's Dream 
Tomorrow is a Long Time 
New Orleans Rag 
Walls of Red Wing 
Hero Blues 
Who Killed Davy Moore?
Side two: 
Visions of Johanna 
Fourth Time Around 
Just Like a Woman 
Desolation Row
This LP was also copied and issued by Paranoid productions as Black nite crash

Side one is from NY Town hall 4/63. 
Side two is from Dublin Ireland 5/6/66

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By 1975 the 'changing of the guards' was final. The new, complete TMQ-2 package included a black vinyl LP with 'Pig Daddy' labels and a new matrix of 73005. The new cover was a plain white jacket with a colored insert. 
The insert shows a picture from the 1974 LA show along with the new reference number, logo, and track listing. 
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6 stars    NMP65 
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gwa 31C
Matrix: 73005 A/B   70-297/8 M
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