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Trader: Eddy Smit
Eddy's response
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Note: This is NOT a bobsboots.com registered trader. This information is listed as a public service to our traders, and at the request of the European Dylanvine administration. bobsboots.com has not investigated this situation, and all information below is reprinted exactly as supplied by the administration. Please contact the group with any questions or comments regarding this trader and / or further information, corrections, or updates to the below information. 

I'm a member of the administration of Dylanvine Europe group 
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/dylanvine_europe/ Visit
I'm emailing you because I want to inform you and all the trading 
community that we've been ripped by a former member, Eddy Smit, in a 
huge amount of vines, more than 60, representing more than 120 CDs!. 

We are a small group but with a great vine activity. We've vined more 
than 800 shows and our philosophy is based in sharing principles, so 
these 800 shows are rolling through different members but they are a 
patrimony of the group. 

Eddy Smit was banned from the group because he sent insultanting
emails through our board, and he refused to (stop when asked). When a 
member leaves the group or is banned he/she has to bring back all the 
vines in his/her hands to the group. After more than one month since he 
was banned, the vines weren't brought back yet and we have serious 
reasons to believe that he has never sent the vines back to our group. 

At the end of this letter you'll see an incomplete list of what we've 
find he has ripped us and you can see the great damage that this person 
caused to the group. You can see the names and emails of the persons 
that donated these vines to the group. In their names is that I'm 
writing also. 

In our group we consider Eddy Smit 5D@skynet.be as a big ripper and a 
high risk for our trading community. What happened in our group could 
happen in any other with this guy. 

I'll appreciate if you can inform our trading community of the risks 
that this guy represents. 

Thanks for your help! 
Jorge Tafel (Dylanvine Europe group) 

Eddy's response

(Other than where indicated, they are Bob Dylan vines) 

Achim Krauss    Achimkrauss@t-online.de 

1987/10/17 Wembley Arena (2 CD) 
Peter Gabriel - 2002/11/04 Washington (2 CD) 

Alan Ross    liverust@blueyonder.co.uk 

Neil Young - 2003/04/25 Bergen (2 CD) 
2002/10/28 Kansas (Crystal Cat) (2 CD) 

André Rilhac    andre.rilhac@wanadoo.fr 

1984/06/03 Munich (2 CD) 

Danièle Benhaïm     bluesrunthegame@yahoo.fr 

Neil Young - 2003/04/23 (2 CD) 

Dave Clark   dclark@udc.es (actual "owner" of the group) 

Rolling Stones - The Missing Jewel (4 CD) 
Basement Noise: The Complete Basement Tapes (11 CD) 

DVE    dylanvine_europe-owner@yahoogroups.com 

1991/02/13 London (1 CD) 
2000/10/02 Brussels (2 CD) 
1991/06/10 Ljubljana (1 CD) 
1991/06/21 Munich (1 CD) 
1992/07/08 Aosta (2 CD) 

Eric Girard    girardpellerin@aol.com 

2002/08/03 Newport (Crystal Cat) (2 CD) 
2002/04/11 Berlin (Crystal Cat) (2 CD) 
2002/10/07 Red Bluff (Crystal Cat) (2 CD) 
2002/10/11 Berkeley (Crystal Cat) (2 CD) 

Geoff Wood   alias@maggiesfarm.plus.com 

1989/06/10 Den Haag (1 CD) 
1998/10/30 Kanata (2 CD) 
Captain Beefheart - 1981/01/29 Reseda (1 CD) 
Frank Zappa & Captain Beefheart - "An Evening With" (1 CD) 

Jeff Gardom    jeffeyebrows@hotmail.com 

1994/05/01 Columbia Mo. Remaster (2 CD) 

Jorge Tafel    tango_letal@terra.es 

2002/11/05 Indianapolis (early & late) (2 CD) 
2003/02/13 Adelaide (CEDAR 2) (2 CD) 
Captain Beefheart - 1978/11/18 Live At My Father's Place (1 CD) 

Jukka Ruohomäki    jukka.ruohomaki@saunalahti.fi 

1987/05 Dylan & The Dead, Complete Rehearsals (3 CD) 
1995/03/30 F*** The Playlist (2 CD) 
The Band - 1976/11/25 Complete Last Waltz (3 CD) 

Jürgen Müller    Juergen_P_Mueller@gmx.de 

1991/06/19 Offenbach (1 CD) 
1997/12/08 White Dove (2 CD) 

Kins Leonard    sandy@leonard82.freeserve.co.uk 

1978/09/17 Inside The Coliseum (2 CD) 

Martin G.B. Zielke    martin.zielke@t-online.de 

1974/02/14 Los Angeles (2 CD) 

Mike Alridge    mike.aldridge@freeuk.com 

Highway 61 Interactive (CD-ROM) (1 CD) 
2001/10/28 (MSJ + B&K) + 1993/04/12 (6 CD) 

Paolo Pellegrino    paolo@el.ub.es 

1997/10/03 Never Mind The Bollocks (2 CD) 

Paul Ryan    paulryan@munro0.demon.co.uk 

2003/07/12 Winter Park (1 CD) 
2003/07/13 Casper (1 CD) 
2001/10/12 San Jose - ALD recording, cleaned-up (2 CD) 
1991/11/05 Madison (2 CD) 

Peter Goldschmidt    GoldschmidtPeter@web.de 

1991/06/11 Belgrade (1 CD) 
1991/11/04 Illinois (1 CD) 
1965/03/27 Songs that made him famous (1 CD) 
Denver Hotel Tapes and Glasgow 66 (1 CD) 

Sören Johansson    soren.j@bredband.net 

1981/07/08 Stockholm (2 CD)
1984/06/09 Gothenburg (2 CD) 
1975/11/26 Dark Night On The Spanish Stairs (2 CD) 
1974/02/11 Oakland Soundboard (2 CD) 
1978/07/12 Gothenburg (2 CD) 
1966/04/28-29 Stockholm (2 CD) 
1996/07/25 Malmö (2 CD) 
1996/07/27 Tullinge (2 CD) 

Stefan Reiss    sreiss@gmx.de 

1976/04/18 Lakeland (2 CD) 
1986/07/11 Down the drain (4 CD) 
1998/06/03 Berlin (2 CD) 
2002/04/15 Frankfurt (2 CD) 

Stuart Curry    s.curry3@ntlworld.com 

1984/07/08 Slane Castle (sbd) (2 CD) 
1988/10/09 Stanhope (sbd) (2 CD) 

Vicente Olmedo    oak@telefonica.net 

1995/07/20 Cartagena (2 CD) 

Walter Senaeve    walter.senaeve@pandora.be 

1987/10/08 Flashing for the refugees (1 CD) 
1975-1976 Tales Of Thunder (4 CD) 
Eddy's response


Eddy's response:

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Apparently Jorge Tafel thinks he has a mission to fulfill here. I for one have no interest in pursuing this matter any further. I am simply fed up with the fact that Tafel has never shown any interest in resolving this matter in a peaceful way. Although it was not the start of this whole problem, for Tafel it's apparently inconceivable that a package gets lost. In stead of just notifying me, he chose to call me a bad trader in public. As far as I'm concerned, this whole matter is closed on this forum. If you want to read what I and others have said on the subject, just follow the link below to Dylantree. 
Thanks to Bobsboots for the chance to respond.
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