Note: bobsboots.com does not tolerate piracy of officially released (Sony/CBS) material.
Any trader offering to copy and trade officially released material will be permanently removed from our site.

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How Do I Join?
To join as a trader, you must first send your trade list to bobsboots.com via: Traders e-mail here. If you are a newbie with a small or no trade list, click: Newbies email here. A member or associate will choose a title in exchange for hosting your web page. All service is free. After you have completed your initial trade, however, you might consider a one time donation of  $5 (five) USD. This modest donation does not cover our expense, but only subsidizes. If you can make a larger one it would be greatly appriciated. If you are not able to donate, you are still welcome!! Either way, you will be ensured a lifetime membership, as well as creation, constant maintenance and upkeep of your personal trade page. Donations can be made online (credit card, paypal) or mailed as cash, check, US money order, etc. After your initial trade, you will be emailed a unique trader ID number. Using this number is the only way a submitted application can arrive to us. Read the rules, and then the instructions on this page. Once you have an ID number, fill out the Application Page. If there is any problem submitting your form there, you can do it with email by clicking here (Although it takes a little longer for us to process for you). We do not post your trade list on the site. You handle the list yourself through email or on line posting. There are many ways to get either of these for free. Click here for details. If you have made practice of bad trades in the past, please make them all good before attempting to join. If four or more traders complain about your past dealings, you will be banned from the club. If you get even 1 complaint as a bobsboots.com trader, it will be investigated. When you mail a disc, always save your post receipt. This is all you ever need to prove your case. Always remember that your word is your reputation. If you make an agreed trade, follow up on every claim that you make. If your word is good, so will be your trader reputation. After tens of thousands of discs changing hands under the protection of the bobsboots website, there has only been one or two bad trades. Sure there are complaints once in a while, but with our help in mediation, they always get resolved.

Instructions for filling out application:
You can view the Application Page if you desire, but you'll need to use your browser's back button to return here.
Every asterisked (*) line on the application must be filled out. Give as much or as little information as you would like about your trade policy. You will be given your own page that traders can link to. Click here to see a  SAMPLE  page. From there they can read your trade policy, see your on line list, want list, and feedback. The information can be changed at any time by sending us an email with the new additions or deletions. We will correct your spelling, but not your grammar, so be as accurate as possible. We will help to correct grammar for you if we detect that english is not your native language.
Click here for an explanation of the form. 

*NOTE all information that you type on the application will appear on your trade page AS IS. 
Be sure to make punctuation and capitalization just as you want it to read.

*CAUTION be sure that your email address is typed correctly on the form!!!!

Go to the Application
Click here for an explanation of filling out the application

© 2002, 2006 bobsboots.com

© 2002, 2006 bobsboots.com


Form Explanation:
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The info that you supply will be used for no other purpose than to create your trader page.
The info can be updated or removed at anytime by sending us an email.
All application info with an asterisk (*) is mandatory.

*bobsboot.com ID: You will receive an ID once you have completed your initial trade. You can not submit an application without an ID as it will not be received.

*Name: This is just something to identify you to other traders. Use anything you like. Your full name, first name, Nickname, email address name, number, etc. It might be necessary to check the trader list of your country to make sure that your name isn't already taken. Two traders may not use the exact same spelling of a name.

*Country: This will be helpful to other traders to know what country they will need to ship to.

*Category:  (I trade...) Check all that apply. Links to your page will be placed under every category that you select. PS If you select 'other' tell us what the format is ie Vinyl, MP3, DAT, etc.

Do you want to receive feedback from others? Feed back in the tradition of e-Bay is a great way for you to build a reputation. Unlike e-Bay, it can't be abused by somebody who happens to be mad at you. You also have the option to remove any feedback others have left. Still, there are those who might choose not to have their trades documented. If this is the case, click the "no" button. 


Your On line list:
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*E-mail address and/or online trade list URL: Both of these are suggested, but only one is mandatory. (The traders have to have some way to get in contact with you). We link to your email address, and your online list if you have one. We don't host your list, only link to it. If you are interested in having an online list hosted, most ISPs offer free space for you. If yours does not, there are many sites that will give you free space. A good one for 'uploading newbies' is Homestead. You can quickly and easily get your list online with no uploading knowledge. However, they are no longer free. They're  now charging $5. You might also want to check The Roving Blade  website. They are a dedicated site for tape/cd-r traders. 
Most readers will already have an e-mail address. If you don't, or want to set up a separate e-mail address for your trades, There are many sites available that offer free e-mail. A couple of "no hassle" ones are Hotmail and Yahoo!
*CAUTION be sure that your email address is typed correctly on the form!!!! 

Trade Policy: This is your trade policy. This is optional, but it will help traders to know how to trade with you. It can be as brief, or as detailed as you would like. You can see an example here, or scan through the other traders policies for ideas. If you leave this blank, the 'Trade Policy' link on your page will read "None Specified".

Other artists I trade: Optional. If you leave this blank, the 'Other Artists' link on your page will read "No Other". Section is self explanatory. In your policy you might state that you only trade Dylan for Dylan, or that you trade any artist for any artist, etc. 

I'm looking for: Optional. If you leave this blank, the 'I'm looking for' link on your page will read "Nothing Specified". We don't have the space or time to list 100 individual titles with links. We'll list a few. Use this section to make general statements such as "I'm looking for soundboards from the Rolling Thunder Tour". List as many generalities as you care to. If you would like a particular title(s) linked to it's coresponding info page at bobsboots.com, it is helpful to us if you include the page URL (ie http://or the bobsboots reference number.

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