Daily Updates

To become a bobsboots.com trader's club member:

1) The first step to becoming a member is to send us your trade list. Do so by clicking here. Be sure to copy and paste your list into the text of the email as simple ASCII text. Do not include it as an attachment.

2) A member will choose a title from your list, and you should burn it and mail it out within a week's time.

3) if you would like to donate $5 USD., you may do so at any time
(As an alternate, you may chose to snail-mail a donation  in the form of your world currency, check, etc.)

4) As soon as your title is received, we will e-mail you an identification code.

5) Use this code to fill out the traders application.

6) Your traders page will be added to the website within 48 hours.

7) For a more detailed description of the requirements, click here.


ASCII text is pure, simple, unadoarned text. To be sure that you are using it, copy your information, and paste it into notepad. Then, copy the information again from the notepad. Paste this copy into your e-mail


If you would like to make a donation of  $5 (five) USD, Know that this modest fee (that does not cover our expense, but only subsidizes) will ensure you a lifetime membership, as well as creation, constant maintenance and upkeep of your personal trade page. Donations can be made online (credit card, paypal) or mailed as cash, check, US money order, etc. Thank you for your continued support.



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