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I've read this before, just tell me the 3-way steps

Welcome Newbie!

Caution: This page has no internal site links, and cannot be accessed from the website.
You cannot accidentally leave this page by clicking any link on this page. If you choose to close this page, you will have to use the original link in your email to return here. It is not possible to access this page from the website. If you were invited here as a newbie, it's to help you do your first trade, and/or to fulfill your trade obligation to for creating and maintaining your trader page. 

Dear Trader,
If you have no trade items, or a very small list that is not of help to, we will help you to do your first trade, fulfill your obligation to in exchange for creating and hosting your web page, and become a full fledged member of our trading community. One way to accomplish this with a 3 way trade.

Tell me an easier way

Here's how a 3 way trade works:

You must first locate a trader who is willing to help you.
There are many, many traders out there that love to help newbies out by sending them free discs... and/or discs for b&p. Because is so high profile, we do not burn, nor trade cdr's. To join the traders section, we require that you first obtain a trade item from one of the many traders on our list, or from any trader that you know, who is willing to supply you their list. To do this, first find the trader; and then contact us with their trade list by clicking HERE. We will choose the first title for you from their list. Once the title is chosen by us, you can contact your trade partner with the choice. We never contact your trade partner, so there is no need to tell them that you are doing a 3 way unless you choose to. Depending on the arrangement with the trader, you might also be able to ask for another title(s) of your choice. After the transaction is complete with your trader, you can ask them to send us feedback on the trade. The next step is to be a good and honest trader. Once you have done so for a period of one year, you can become a Goldstar member. With that comes more privileges!
Once you have received the disc(s), you burn the disc(s) and send the ones that you burnt to us for your initial trade. Once we have received the title, we will create and host your trade page. The only other that thing we ask is that you remain a fair and honest trader. As soon as you have the list of a trader willing to do a b&p with you, contact us with it, and we will get the ball rolling. Although this is an expensive process for us, we will try to keep the page free for all for as long as possible. The act of creating a disc and sending it to us is not a "Payment for your page" it is simply the only method we have to insure that you can indeed create the disc and are willing and able to ship it out to other traders.
Happy trading,
We've listed the steps of doing a 3 way trade here for your convenience.
b&p definition: or click here
To find traders: or click here

Quick Start:
Return to the welcome page
If you don't have the time or skills to locate a trader, we can do it for you.
For a $25 donation to (and upon request to do so), we will locate a trader for you, who will prepare your first trade. They will include instructions, and postage paid envelopes (if available) for you to send a copy of the item you receive as your first trade to your first trader. All you have to do is properly burn a copy of the disc(s) you receive, place them in the pre addressed, pre stamped envelope in your package (if included), and drop them in the mail. Upon arrival of the disc(s) to your trader, will create your trader page, and feature you as a newbie who would like to receive more titles. At that point, you'll be on your way! Your page will be hosted for as long as you would like. There will never be a future cost. The only requirement is for you to remain a fair and honest trader. This entire process takes 1-2 weeks (or depending on how quickly you burn the discs and re-mail them). Our traders are bound by commitment to burn and ship to you the same day they receive the request. Please understand that we accept donations to help this site operate. A donation without a request for a quick start membership will not be understood as such. If you make the donation and forget to tell us, eMail us back. Also, it should not be misconstrued that is offering to SELL or RECORD bootleg material. Upon request, we will simply share our knowledge and expertise with you. The actual items you receive will come as CDrs from an independent trader. Items are not created by, traded by, and/or sold by   To become a quick start trader, simply contact us via this email link. The $25 donation helps us to continue to pay for  space, and allows us to monetarily reimburse traders should one of our traders fail to keep their side of the trade agreement. (Our reimbursements are limited to postage costs and to replacing the CDrs of choice to the trader.)



Here's what you do:

1) Find a trader to trade with (or that will do a b&p with you)
2) E-mail us their list (or a link to it) HERE
3) We'll pick an item for you
4) Have your trader send you that choice
5) When it arrives, burn a copy for
6) email us for our snail address when you're ready to send it

That's it! Welcome to a wonderful world of trading!!

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