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Name: Andrew Monson
*Country: USA 
*Category: Tape
*E-mail address: andrewmonson@hotmail.com
*Online trade list URL: http://www.tapercities.com/Highway61/monson/
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Trade Policy: See Online List for Rules
I'm looking for: 7/7/01 Bonner Springs KS & 4/24/01 Lincoln, NE 
specifically, but basically any high quality Dylan recordings.


My Trade Policy:

I use ONLY Maxell XLII or XLIIS
Please notify me if you will be using a different tape. 
I always "unpack" (fast-forward and rewind) my tapes and request that you would do the same. 
I use only virgin (new) tapes, and expect likewise. 
I use no dolby or high speed dubbing. 
I don't list grades for my tapes, because I find that system incredibly arbitrary. 
I do not list tapes that I don't feel comfortable trading. 
If you have a question about sound quality or anything feel free to email me. E-mails make me feel special anyway! : )


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Feedback for This Trader:

If you have had dealings with this trader,
drop us an email to let us know how it went.

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I'm Looking For:

7/7/01 Bonner Springs KS & 4/24/01 Lincoln, NE specifically, 
but basically any high quality Dylan recordings

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