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The Sideman Story Vol. 2
source: Various official releases
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Is Anybody Going To San Antone? (1)
Wallflower (1)
Blues Stay Away From Me (1)
Me And Paul (1)
Faded Love (1)
I'm So Restless (2)
The Crippled Cow (3)
Stormy Weather Cowboy (4)
It's Not The Spotlight (4)
Silver Moon (4)
Minstrel Show (4)
Big City Woman (4b)
Who Love (5)
Pretty Boy Floyd  (6)
How Long (6)
Pretty Boy Floyd  (7)
Buckets Of Rain (8)
Sold American (9)
Don't Go Home With Your Hard On (10)
Hazel  (11)
Sign Language (12)

The Alias series of CDs are actually Pirate CDs rather than bootlegs. It is the intent to gather together all released, or partially available tracks from various artists' projects on which Dylan appears. Each CD of the series is limited to only 500 copies. Each copy is stamped with its' individual number. takes a dim view of pirate material, however. While the offering  is for the Dylan fan who doesn't want to have to purchase 9 or 10 different CDs that may only contain very minimal Dylan content, still, the artist offering this material to the public should not have to suffer the potential lost sale that this CD represents. This material is not so obscure as the first volume, and many can be found on line or ordered from local music stores. The one thing that this set has going for it (other than the perfect quality, of course) is the beautiful package, with unique photos and a full color photo CD.
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Source / Venue:
(1) Doug Sahm And Band, Atlantic Studios NY, NY Oct. 1972
(2) Roger McGuinn, WH studio 4 LA, Nov. 4 1972
(3) Chronicles, Booker T and Priscilla Jones 1973
(4) Barry Goldberg, Muscle Shoals August 1973
(5) Com'n Back For More, David Blue Elektra LA 1975
(6) Other End, NY, NY July 3, 1975
(7) A Vision Shared, various artists tribute to Woody
(8) Songs For The New Depression, Bette Midler NY 10/75
(9) Kinky Friedman - Fort Collins, CO 5/23/76
(10) Death Of A Ladies' Man, Leonard Cohen LA late '76
(11) Last Waltz, San Francisco, CA 11/25/76
(12) No Reason To Cry, Eric Clapton LA spring 1976
(1) Bob's contributions are credited as guitar, harp, organ, and vocals.. though most are unrecognizable. Good stuff, though.
(2) Harp solo only
(3) Harp solo only
(4) Harp. Nothing to write home about here.
(4b) See above. Plus backing vocal (buried) and tambourine.
(5) Harp. Song is weak. Multi-track harp is nice.
(6) Fair quality. Jack Elliot sings, Bob on harmony & guitar.
(7) Bob sings this Woody song with conviction.
(8) Bob sings this as a duet with Bette Midler
(9) Guitar and harp. Not recognizable.
(10) Harp. Not recognizable in this big production.
(11) Bob sings a beautiful version of this rarely heard song
(12) Bob guitar & shared vocal. Only known recording of song

Manufacturer / Catalog #
Diamonds In Your Ear /  39

Released:    1998

Quality:    10 stars

Bob's Boots ref  #    BB-a19

The first four volumes were also released as a box set

2001 Craig Pinkerton
© 2000 CD Pinkerton -