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Almost Went To See Elvis
source: CBS Studio B  May 1, 1970

Nashville, 1969:
Ghost Riders In The Sky
All I Have To Do Is Dream
Gates Of Eden
I Threw It All Away
I Don't Believe You
Matchbox (Carl Perkins)
True Love (Carl Perkins)
Telephone Line +
Fishing Blues (frag.) (Henry Thomas) (1)
Honey Just Allow Me One More Chance
Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
New York, 1970:
Song To Woody
Mama You Been On My Mind *
Don't Think Twice [inst]*
Yesterday (Lennon/McCartney) *
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues *
Da Doo Run Run (Barry/Spector)*
One Too Many Mornings [inst]*
One Too Many Mornings * 
The sound quality of this release is great. The material is the same as (and most likely copied from) Possum Belly Overalls.
Produced by Bob Johnson, this session was three days after the Nashville Skyline LP was recorded in the same studio, with different musicians. The 1970 material is available through the CBS  Studios Reference Recording archives. It was produced by Bob Johnson as well. This session also produced the "If Not For You" version that was released on the official CBS LP 'The Bootleg Series 1-3"
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Source / Venue:
CBS Studio Nashville, TN May 3, 1969
CBS Studio B, NYC  May 1, 1970

+  It is unknown whether this spontaneous Dylan song is copyrighted. The working title is also unknown.
Björner refers to it as Telephone Wire

Krogsgaard calls it Las Vegas Blues
Heylin uses the title When’s My Swamp Gonna Catch Fire?
(1) Not listed on cover

The 1969 material includes:
Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, and Billy Wotten (guitars) Marshall Grant (bass)
W.S. Holland (drums).
The 1970 sessions include:
George Harrison (guitar)
Charlie Daniels (bass & backing vocals)
Billy Mundi (drums)
Bob Johnson (piano)
Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Cool Daddy  / 87100-2


9 stars

Other commercial releases of this material:
Possum Belly Overalls P-25

Bob's Boots ref  #  BB-a27

Thanks to Matt for info

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