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source: analog audience tape

Disc one
Queens of Rhythm:
Let It Ride
It’s Gonna Rain
Come On In This House
Saved By The Grace Of Your Love
Gotta Serve Somebody
I Believe In You
Like A Rolling Stone
Till I Get It Right [Regina Havis]
Man Gave Names To All The Animals
To Ramona
Ain’t Gonna Go To Hell
Girl Of The North Country
Slow Train
Walk Around Heaven All Day [Dennis]
Abraham Martin And John (Dp)
Let’s Keep It Between Us (Db)
Disc two
Covenant Woman (Cg)
Solid Rock (Cg)
What Can I Do For You (Cg)
Groom’s Still Waiting At The Altar (Cg)
Just Like A Woman
Señor (Tales Of Yankee Power)
In The Garden
Blowin’ In The Wind
City Of Gold
It Ain’t Me Babe (Dg)

Thinman is really steppin' up to the plate as of late, and here's another inside the park homer! Some of the photos are a little blurry, but that also adds a certain charm. The offset printed discs are great looking, and it's nice that the Label uses unique photos for the discs that aren't part of the package artwork. The back tray liner is a simple one color image, but the red along with the title and image just seem to be something magical. The overall aesthetics and clean simple fonts are both classic and very pleasing. The title comes from changing lyrics in Waiting At The Altar, that makes it's debut in this concert. The only problem with the package is one that seems to be recurrent with the Thinman. The track list on the back cover is wrong. In this instance, the final two tracks listed on disc two do not appear on the disc. Good thing, too, because the concert ended just as the disc does. All songs from the show are included here. This is a great period of Dylandom that has been overlooked by commercial boot dealers for three decades.  (cond.) © 2008  CD Pinkerton bobsboots.com
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Source / Venue:
Fox Warfield Theater San Francisco, CA Nov. 13, 1980

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
THINMAN       /   084/85
Nov. 2004

8 stars

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(a) - acoustic
(Cg) - Carlos Santana - guitar
(Dp) - Dylan solo on piano
(Db) - Dylan on piano backed with the band
(Dg) - Dylan solo on guitar
© 2008 CD Pinkerton bobsboots.com

Thanks to Keith Schweiger for scans

Review:  (cont.)
It's a God send that someone has championed the cause. This show has not even traded with the tapers as frequently as most, and there's no good reason. It's a great two hour show, solid performance and very good quality! There are a few after song drop outs that are consistent with the original recording, but one good thing to note is that a lot of the in between song noise (that this Label sometimes pays no attention to) is not to be found! Maybe they are giving a little more attention to the details of the music that (duh) should have been the main emphasis all along. Other highlights include Dylan introducing Jenny Stair on To Ramona. I don't know the full story, but it sounds as if she came out to interpret that song in Sign, but maybe played guitar as well? Go figure. Disc two kicks off with four songs featuring Carlos Santana. He flavors the songs with those tasty Santana spices. The Pièce de résistance, however, is the final song. Dylan performs It Ain’t Me Babe solo to a fan base that had long been deprived of the classic songs. It's tantamount to throwing a steak to a starving mother wolf. You can hear the howls in the bones of her face. © 2008  CD Pinkerton bobsboots.com
© 2008 CD Pinkerton / bobsboots.com