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Darkness at the Break of Noon source: Rundown Studios 1978

Jan. 30th:
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
The Times
If You See Her, Say Hello
The Man In Me
I Don't Believe You
Tomorrow Is A Long Time
You're A Big Girl Now
Knockin' On Heaven's Door
It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)
Forever Young  *
Feb. 1st:
Repossession Blues (Billy Lee Riley) lyrics
One Of Us Must Know
Girl Of The  North Country
We Better Talk This Over  *
Coming From The Heart  *
Simple Twist Of Fate **
If You See Her Say Hello
I Don't Believe You ***
This release contains 75 minutes of the commonly circulating tapes from the 1978 Rundown studio tour rehearsals in the best quality that has circulated to date. The sessions were recorded directly from the soundboard on reel to reel. This is a very low generation copy of the master tapes. Lots of changed lyrics and rare interpretations. As for the January material, there is only a slight tape hiss (as would occur when playing a cassette). It is slightly louder on the softer passages, but by no means does it intrude on the recording. The transfer to digital was recorded hot, and leaves the vocals and music high above the white noise level. Dylan's vocals, as well as the harmony vocals are far above the music in the original recordings, and cut like a knife. This could easily be released officially with only some slight manipulation of the original tape, and alone is worth the price of the disc. The package aesthetics and images are wonderful. Highly recommended.
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Ins. (b)
Source / Venue:
All tracks are from the rehearsals for the 1978 tour done at Rundown Studios, Santa Monica, CA
on Jan. 30, Feb. 1, & April, 1978

Mftr / Catalog No.
Razor's Edge / RAZ 021

Released:  1996 Re-released 2001

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 2002 Craig Pinkerton Bobsboots.com
9-10 stars   (January)
7-8 stars   (February)
6 stars   (April)
* 1 verse & chorus only
** Missing first 6 words
*** Two splices in song
Bob's Boots ref #    BB-d06
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Review: (cont.)
The February material is not quite as pristine. The noise level is a little higher, and the vocals were not as hot in the original mix. The performances are not as riveting either. Still, they are a great listen, and include the closest thing to a recording session tape of Billy Lee Riley's  Repossession Blues The April recordings have always been of a lower quality, and that is still so on this disc  worst on this disc. They are more tightly mixed into the music. While there is very little if any tape hiss, the trade off is a muffled recording
Re-released in 2001 by OMR.
© 2000 CD Pinkerton - bobsboots.com
© 2000 CD Pinkerton - bobsboots.com