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Genuine Basement Tapes 2
source: Basement Tapes

Odds And Ends #1
Nothing Was Delivered
Odds And Ends #2
Get Your Rocks Off
Clothes Line Saga
Apple Suckling Tree #1
Apple Suckling Tree #2
Going To Acapulco
Gonna Get You Now
Tears Of Rage #1
Tears Of Rage #2
Tears Of Rage #3
Quinn The Eskimo #1
Quinn The Eskimo #2
Open The Door Homer #1
Open The Door Homer #2
Open The Door Homer #3
Nothing Was Delivered #1
Nothing Was Delivered #2
I'm Not There (1956)
Don't Ya Tell Henry
Too Much Of Nothing

Volume two in this great series is the main bottle of bread of the Basement recordings. The reel contained on this disc is one that was used to master some of the official release tracks. While it's whereabouts has always been known and protected, and while many boots have released various tracks from this reel, and while about half of the reel found it's way to official release, There has never been a release such as this that presented the tape in chronological order. This disc allows you to hear different versions of familiar tunes as they were tried and re-tried. 
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Source / Venue:
Basement Tapes - recorded in 'Big Pink' - the Band's house in West Saugerties, NY  April-October 1967

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Scorpio    /   BD 200-3


7 stars

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