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Genuine NET Covers
CD Title: Rock Of Ages 

1  Man of constant sorrow 
2  Rank Strangers 
3  Peace in the valley 
4  House of gold 
5  Precious Memories 
6  Stand by me 
7  Across the borderline 
8  That lucky ol' sun 
9  I'll not be a stranger 
10It's too late 
11Pass me not 
12Hallelujah I'm ready to go 
13I am the man Thomas 
14Rock of Ages 
15Satisfied Mind 
16Somebody touched me 
17This world can't stand long 

This is not one of the better photos included in this set, but in keeping with the religious subject of this group of songs; it pictures Dylan playing for the Pope. The first eight songs are from analog cassette, while the remainder have been culled from boot CD releases.
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1   Mountain view, CA, June 11th 1988 
2   Bristol, CT, September 4th 1988 
3   Frejus, France, June 13th 1989 
4   Madrid, June 15th 1989 
5   New York, October 13th 1989 
6   August 28th 1990 
7   Ames, IO, November 2nd 1991 
8   Madison, WI, November 5th 1991 
9   Columbus, OH, November 7th 1997 
10 Daytona beach, FL January 29th 1999 
11 Amherst, MA February 24th 1999 
12 Hollywood, June 19th 1999 
13 East Rutherford, NJ November 13th 1999 
14 Atlantic City, NJ November 19th 1999 
15 Philadelphia, PA, November 9th 1999 
16 Ithaca, NY November 15th 1999 
17 Anaheim, CA March 10th 2000 

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Scorpio  / NET-1
Dec. 2001
7-9 stars
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