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Genuine Supper Club Soundboards 11/16 1st
source: 1993 Early show

Absolutely Sweet Marie
Lay Lady Lay
Blood In My Eyes
Queen Jane Approximately
Tight Connection To My Heart (h)
Disease Of Conceit (h)
I Want You (h)
Ring Them Bells
My Back Pages
Forever Young

The Genuine Supper Club Soundboards series presents the legendary 1993 shows in incredible quality. It simply can't get much better than this. The claim is that it is soundboard. While indeed it seems to be, there is also the perfect blend of in-between song audience. It's as if the audience were recorded and mixed in for an official live release. This could be due to the small venue, but small venues many times create other sonic problems for a soundboard recording that are not present here. Simply put, this is the perfect live recording. It would be good enough for official release with only a few minor studio touch ups required. The covers are printed on high gloss heavy stock photo paper. They are sharp with nice images and crisp, clean fonts. The biggest let down with them is that all titles include this same identical layout cover with only a change of date and set list to differentiate them. There is an abbreviated intro to this show of only "Good evening ladies and gentlemen". The band then kicks off before more can be said. The instruments are well mixed and the vocals are sharp and way up front. Bob's voice is strong. All songs  are equally well performed, and there doesn't seem to be a particular song that stands out above the rest. If highlights must be chosen, however, this version of Tight Connection To My Heart and My Back Pages works very well, and this is the live debut of Blood in My Eyes. The biggest highlight of all, though, has to be hearing the entire show performed acoustic with the band. A must have performance in every sense of the word.
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First Show
Supper Club, New York, NY November 16, 1993

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Scorpio         /    SC-BD-93-1

10 stars
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Bob's Boots ref  #   BB-g44

(h) - Bob on harp

Special Thanks to Lincoln Park Mark
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Technical note:
This show circulates among CDr collectors in various degrees of quality from a fair audience recording to soundboard quality with gaps and/or between song noise. This Genuine Soundboards release is by far the superior release. Every song is available for random access with your CD player, however the entire show flows perfectly as a disc at once type recording with no noise and no between song gaps or edits in the audience applause. This series has but three releases. The early show from the 17th has never been made available in this quality
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