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Genuine Supper Club Soundboards 11/17 2nd
source: 1993 Late show

Ragged And Dirty (trad. arr. by Dylan)
Lay Lady Lay
Tight Connection To My Heart (h)
Weeping Willow (Blind Boy Fuller)
Delia (trad. arr. by Dylan)
Jim Jones (trad. arr. by Dylan)
Queen Jane Approximately
Ring Them Bells
Jack-A-Roe (trad. arr. by Dylan)
Forever Young
I Shall Be Released

For an overall review see disc 1
This show is very clean. The crowd is perhaps a bit rowdy between songs, but it doesn't affect the crystal clear recording. Of all the four shows, this one is arguably the best. The instruments are well mixed, and Bob's vocals are as clear as a bell. Every song is a highlight. Jim Jones is simply perfect. The band remains minimal, and the result is eloquent. This is the first performance of Weeping Willow. Bob throws in a playful spoken "a-w-w-w shucks" in the manner that Fuller did in his recording. Ring Them Bells  enjoys the best outing of the venue as Bob pours himself into it. This is also the first acoustic band versions of Delia and I Shall Be Released. There are three or four fumbled lines throughout the show, and a couple of sour notes, but overall, this is a show that would be hard to top. If you only plan on getting one disc from the set, this is the one.
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Second Show
Supper Club, New York, NY November 17, 1993

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Scorpio         /    SC-BD-93-3

10 stars
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Bob's Boots ref  #  

(h) - Bob on harp

Special Thanks to Lincoln Park Mark

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