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Manchester Prayer
source: Free Trade Hall, May 17, 1966

She Belongs To Me 
4th Time Around 
Visions Of Johanna 
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue 
Desolation Row 
Just Like A Woman 
Mr. Tambourine Man

In the late 1980s, there was none in the world of boot manufacturing more respected than Germany's Swingin' Pig. They were the Crystal Cat of the day, and went to the Nth degree to produce the finest vinyl packages that the world had ever seen. When the technology of of the CD was made available to the bootleggers, Pig climbed on board. Their final vinyl releases were released on disc as well. This one was no exception, having been released on colored vinyl. The recording here is not from the vinyl, but from a tape source. The insert card is printed on both sides. The full color picture, and gold on black typeset give this release a rich look... although it doesn't reproduce well on the computer screen. The actual type is not nearly as dark as what it appears here. The NoNOISE digital audio system was the up-to-the-second technology of the day for removing white noise, and the Pig employed it on this release. Until the official release of Live 1966 nearly a decade later, this was a great way to own the Manchester show. The NoNOISE system creates its own muffled effect, though, and the bass needs to be lowered and the treble cranked to get a proper sound. Even at that, the vocals are quite a bit lower in the mix than on the official release. There was always so much confusion surrounding the "Royal Albert Hall" show, that it can be forgiven the Pig for the mistake of thinking that all songs were Manchester. In fact, the final three are indeed from London. The bulk of this hour long CD is now a retroactive pirate disc, and should be left for the completeist.
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Source / Venue:
Free Trade Hall, Manchester, UK  May 17, 1966
Royal Albert Hall, London, UK May 27, 1966

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Swingin´ Pig  /  TSP-CD-054


Quality:  8 stars
Bob's Boots ref  #   BB-m08

Thanks to Wolfgang & David Hamm for scans

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