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Plymouth Rock
source: Plymouth & Waterbury RTR

I Don't Believe You 
Oh, Sister 
One More Cup Of Coffee 
Just Like A Woman 
This Land Is Your Land (Woody Guthrie)
Hard Rain 
Romance In Durango 
Blowin' In The Wind 
The Water Is Wide 
I Dreamed I Saw St Augustine 
Never Let Me Go 
I Shall Be Released 
Knockin' On Heaven's Door 

This is a 'must have' CD. Period. Fans of Rolling Thunder will find this first venue of the tour to be electrifyingly fresh and vibrant. Everything was new, mysterious, and exciting. The stunned audience would have to wait two more months for the release of this mystical music on the 'Desire' LP. As the tour wore on, some of the spontaneous edge began to dull with the wear and tear of life on the road. Fans of 'Desire' will thrill to the encore magic captured in Dylan's voice and in Scarlet Rivera's violin. Fans of soundboard recordings will be blown away by the incredible quality. Fans of quality performance will tear up over the majestic tapestry Dylan and the troupe weave on stage. Fans of package aesthetics will be blessed with one of the coolest bootleg covers ever. This Ken Regan photo that speaks a thousand words should have been the 'Desire' album cover. The catchy title, and back full cover Regan photo of Dylan and Ginsberg at Jack Kerouac's grave in Lowell, Massachusetts all help to put this wonderful package way over the top. All seven of the circulating soundboard recordings from Plymouth, and nine primo choice selections from Waterbury; demand to be in every collection. The Waterbury show was released in a more complete version as 'Satisfied Man'. Read the show review there.
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Source / Venue:
War Memorial Coliseum, Plymouth, MA 10/31/75
Palace Theater, Waterbury, CT  Nov.11, 1975

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Colosseum [sic]  /   97-C-015

9 stars

Rereleased as an AEP pro CD-r in 2001

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