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Commercial CD-r
Plymouth Rock
source: Plymouth & Waterbury RTR

I Don't Believe You 
Oh, Sister 
One More Cup of Coffee 
Just Like A Woman 
This Land Is Your Land (Woody Guthrie)
Hard Rain 
Romance In Durango 
Blowin' In The Wind 
The Water Is Wide 
I Dreamed I Saw St Augustine 
Never Let Me Go 
I Shall Be Released 
Knockin' On Heaven's Door
This is a commercial CD-r, directly  coppied from the famous bootleg of the same name (minus the beautiful and more lavish artwork). AEP uses clear plastic labels on the disc, and one has to examine it closely to see that it's not a silver master. This is not one of my personal RTR favorites... I don't think it touches Knight Of The Hurricane recorded a few weeks later in New York, for example. The band has some of the charm, but none of the delirious virtuosity nor even the sense of fun which emerged after a few more dates. Scarlett Rivera blunders aimlessly along, as usual, and Joan Baez is there to irritate with her announcements (and to generally spoil everything she touches... just like on every Revue concert, All Hallows Eve, Don't Look Back etc... well, that's my opinion). Make no mistake, these are gorgeous versions of (mostly) fresh and brilliant songs, with great, fierce vocals by Dylan; but they are not transcendent like the best tapes from the Revue. And you can see why people usually leave out This Land Is Your Land... All seven of the circulating soundboard recordings from Plymouth, and nine primo choice selections from Waterbury; demand to be in every collection. The Waterbury show was released in a more complete version as 'Satisfied Man'. Read the show review there.
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Source / Venue:
War Memorial Coliseum, Plymouth, MA 10/31/75
Palace Theater, Waterbury, CT  Nov.11, 1975

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
AEP [Alternative Edge Productions] / No number

2001 (Back sleeve reads 1999) Germany

9 stars

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