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Rough Cuts
source:  Power Station studio outtakes

Disc one
1  Sweetheart Like You
2  Someone's Got A Hold Of My Heart
3  Lord Protect My Child
4  Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground
5  Foot Of Pride
6  I And I
7  Tell Me
8  Union Sundown
9  Julius And Ethel
10 Jokerman
11 License To Kill
12 Man Of Peace
13 Don't Fall Apart On Me Tonight
14 Neighborhood Bully
Disc two
15 Blind Willie McTell (electric)
16 This Was My Love (Jim Harbert)
17 This Was My Love (Jim Harbert)
18 Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground 
19 Dark Groove (Instrumental)
20 Don't Fly Unless It's Safe (Instrumental)
21 Clean Cut Kid
22 Death Is Not The End
23 Sweetheart Like You
24 Union Sundown
25 Sweetheart Like You (Several rehearsals)

The plethora of material and versions recorded include the above outtakes as well as official releases. The month long Power Station recording session produced:
1) The 'Infidels' LP and singles
2) European only 45 rpm release of 'Union Sundown' backed with  #4 disc one.
3) 'Jokerman' Westwood One 'Dylan on Dylan'
4) 'Death Is Not The End' - Rlsd on: DITG
5) Five tracks on 'Bootleg Series Vol. 1-3'
('Foot Of Pride','Tell Me','Someone's Got A Hold Of My Heart','Lord Protect My Child' and 'Blind Willie McTell') © 2001 CD Pinkerton

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Release 1
Release 2
Release 3
Release 4
Power Station - NY, NY  April 11-May 8, 1983
Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Black Night Crash / BNC 001/2 
Released:  1994

Quality:   8-9 stars

Bob's Boots ref  #  BB-r27 (a)

This is another of several releases of the Power Station material. There were at least four different double CDs of the same name that contained basically the same material, in much the same quality. Each package was released by a different manufacturer. This Power Station material has also been released, in part, in several packages; under various titles. The quality of this material is great. There is some slight tape hiss, and at times 'dead air' noise. The overall sound, success of  'Infidels', and desire for studio outtakes has been the spawn of the numerous releases. 
The outtakes themselves are most highly recommended. There really seems to be no particular standout as far as the various versions of CDs, ... If you own one, for all practical purposes you own then all.
© 2001 CD Pinkerton -
The lineup of studio musicians include:
Mick Taylor & Mark Knopfler - guitars
Alan Clark - piano and organ
Robbie Shakespeare - bass
Sly Dunbar - Drums
Bob Dylan - piano on tracks 6,10,11,12, & 15
Ronnie Wood - guitar on tracks 6 & 14
Clydie King - b.vocals on tracks  4,8, & 9
© 2001 CD Pinkerton -
© 2001 CD Pinkerton -